Meet The Team

The Excellence Cluster has various teams working across the city of Plymouth. They are school-based staff and the MAST team. All our professional staff are experienced and qualified. They all hold professional liability insurance and many are  members of the appropriate professional organisations. All members of the Cluster team are fully supervised by qualified professionals and receive regular up-to-date training in all the key mandatory, statutory and professional development needs required when working with young people. Our team are supported by a capable and organised administrative department who ensure the smooth running of the organisation ably supported by PLP CiC.

Lisa Hartley – CEO

Chris Trumfield – Performance, Policy & Data Manager

Lisa Johnson – Finance Officer

Sharon Thomas – Administrator; MAST

Nadia Donald – HR Administrator


School-Based Teams:

Learning Mentors

Tamalyn Baker

Julie Spencer

Nicky Walters


Virtual School Team

Judith Brettell

Rachael Cameron

Helen Seager



Karen Hapgood

Martin Huggins

Kathy Taylor


Arts Therapists

Paula Davies – Therapy & Counselling Manager

Suzi Norris

Justin Ranger

Guy Rapson




Jon Couch – Manager/Senior EP

Will Roberts – Manager/Senior EP

Sue Thompson – Manager/Senior EP

Sarah Aldrich – Manager/Senior EP

Owayne Ovenstone – Senior Practitioner EP

Anna Sutton – EP


Family Learning Mentors

Debbie Carter: Family Learning Mentor

Sally Chugg: Family Learning Mentor

Gail Howells: Family Learning Mentor

Aimee Rice: Family Learning Mentor

Liz Row: Family Learning Mentor

Kerry Sumerah: Family Learning Mentor

Nicky Walters: Family Learning Mentor

Claire Wilkinson: Family Learning Mentor

Jo Williams: Family Learning Mentor

Gaynor Winsor: Family Learning Mentor


Family Support Worker

Amanda Childs: Family Support Worker



Sally Chugg: Counsellor

Karen Hapgood: Counsellor

Martin Huggins: Counsellor

Kathy Taylor: Counsellor


Arts Therapists

Suzi Norris: Arts Therapist

Justin Ranger: Arts Therapist

Guy Rapson: Arts Therapist


Speech & Language Therapists

Claire Bergman: SALT

Nicola Blundell: SALT

Chloe Ridgway: SALT


Students on placement

Tom Andrew – Trainee EP


Research Assistants

Thomas Shipp