Supporting schools, Removing barriers, Improving lives

PEC is a service for schools that provides an integrated response to children’s social, emotional and mental health needs

Our team of Family Learning Mentors, Arts Therapists, Educational Psychologists, systemic Family Therapists, school-based Learning Mentors and Counsellors work holistically with the children and their families to reduce barriers to learning. Thus promoting effective participation enabling them to achieve their full potential.

As part of Plymouth Learning Partnership (PLP) and in partnership with Plymouth City Council, we work within a systemic multi-agency framework of support around the child in an unbiased, neutral role, making a positive impact on their lives and affecting change.

PEC has clear ethical values and is specifically a non-profit business model that invests in children, families and staff. Developed collaboratively with schools in 2004 to provide a swift and responsible support service, every penny is committed to targeted early help intervention and informed school-based approaches. We retain a firm belief that such a relational model is essential in order to understand and meet need in an effective manner.

Moving forward, we will continue to evolve in a way that protects these interventions for vulnerable children, provides best value for schools and allows for future innovation and development.

The teams:

Our teams have developed and grown in response to the needs of children across schools in Plymouth, with all staff supported by an established organization and infrastructure. WE have developed the skills and expertise to manage diverse professional groups; drawing upon over 13 years’ experience and a deep, long term partnership with schools

School-Based Early Help services provide appropriate support at the earliest stage of a child’s presentation of work peripatetically over a number of schools to a fixed timetable – dependent on the school’s level of need and their subsequent buy n. Issues worked on include low self-esteem, bereavement, separation and loss, anger and behavioural issues, friendship difficulties, bullying social skills and emotional literacy

Learning Mentors


Arts Therapists

Multi-Agency Support Team (MAST)

This integrated team work together using a balance of psychology and therapeutic methodologies to provide tailored interventions that address school and family needs. Having a range of different professionals working together means that the support for the parents and carers is connected and targeted around the support of the child. The team’s weekly panel referral system means that appropriate requests for involvement will result in the school being contacted within 10 days of a key worker being allocated

Additional enrichment for schools who buy into the above services:

  • KIDSTIME is an after-school group for families where one or more of the parents may have a recognised mental-illness. It focuses on activities that support both the young people and their parents. It helps children to understand the mental health of their parents and enables families to find and develop language to describe and understand mental health. Places in the group are allocated through a MAST request for involvement.